Version: 2.5.8.

Author: Kairat Duisenbaev

Date of issue: June 2022

The 1C:ERP World Edition documentation components:

1C: ERP WE GuideDescriptionStatus
E2E Process GuideConsulting advice on how to describe widely used end-to-end processes for manufacturing and trading businesses.

Released (June 2022)

User GuideEnd-user instructions on how to perform the business process in the system.

Released (June 2022)

Setup GuideRecommendations on how to set up the system for the business case.In progress (expected in Jan 2023)
Administration GuideInstructions for administrators on how to support and maintain the implemented (working) systems.Planning
Localization GuideRecommendations for local 1C partners on how to set up and customize the system to solve country-specific compliance requirements.Planning
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